About this Wine

A wine traditionally served to guests. The grapes are picked and are then left to wither on reed mats; the wine is made around 5 months later.
Serving suggestions: at the end of the meal, with slivers of aged cheese or biscuits and pastries.

Details Wine

  • Vintage: 2010Vintage: 2010
  • Denomination: DOCDenomination: DOC
  • Vines: Grechett, Malvasia, TrebbianoVines: Grechett, Malvasia, Trebbiano
  • Alcohol: 16%Alcohol: 16%
  • Size: 0,75lSize: 0,75l
  • Service temperature 18/20°CService temperature 18/20°C
  • Info: Contains SulphitesInfo: Contains Sulphites

Additional information

Colour: amber
Fragrance: complex with hints of acacia honey and spices, fig, pear
Flavour: soft, harmonious and persistent with hints of dried fruits, liquorice finish
Grapes: Malvasia, Grechetto
Fermentation and ageing: minimum 5 years in small oak caratelli