Environmental Label

  • Separate collection / Glass


    Green or dark glass - GL 71
    Separate collection / Glass
  • Dedicated Separate Collection


    Cork - FOR 51
    Dedicated Separate Collection
  • Plastic Collection


    PVC shrink capsules (With internal aluminum disc) - C/PVC 90
    Plastic Collection
  • Paper collection


    Cartons (For multiples of bottles) - PAP 20 / Alveari con onda interna/in cartoncino teso (Separatore di bottiglie per cartoni) - PAP 20/21
    Paper collection

Paper labels

The labels affixed to the front and back of bottles are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle

Sustainability info

Even though cork is an organic material, the degradation time is long and sometimes corks can be treated. For this reason, not all municipalities accept it in the organic fraction.
Being a precious and recyclable material, it can be taken to the municipal collection center and placed in the wood box.
Furthermore, there are associations that collect it through containers located throughout the area.